Because Research Matters!

Some statements are so evident and unquestionable that declaring them should be totally unnecessary. This is the case of the campaign theme proposed by the DFG – Because Research Matters!

When such a statement needs to be reaffirmed, we have a clear indication that society as a whole experiences exceptional moments that result in the abandonment of acquired knowledge, science, and research as means and tools to overcome the challenges that arise.
A situation like this obliges us as a society (and mainly we, researchers) to reflect on the reasons that made science and research targets of relativization or even denial. And to begin with, how the constituted power / governments act on this issue.
This is most evident in societies whose leaders neglect quality education, the adequate training of the teaching staff, the valorization of research techniques and methods, and critical thinking as essential content for education at all levels, but mainly in higher education, where the teaching-research binomial must be emphasized.
This neglect provides the formation of a population far from basic knowledge of science and respect for the achievements reached by the development of science over the past centuries. Such a situation ends up using the democratic processes themselves, even where they still exist, to feedback with elections of backward governments that refuse to finance research, increasing the abyss that separates them from innovation that leads to economic development and wealth generation.
In this situation, it is necessary to affirm, highlight, propagate truths that should already be established in society. No, the earth is not flat !!! This effort is also essential to discover new truths and for scientific, technological, social, and cultural development, for the survival of a country, for the construction of a sustainable society and to guarantee research itself – Because Research Matters!

Dr. Darlene Barbosa Schützer
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Schützer

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Schützer Dr. Darlene Barbosa Schützer

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