Sergey Salikhov

First Vice-Rector, NUST MISIS, Moskau

The of academic collaboration between our countries manifests new and significant developments

On behalf of NUST MISIS and my own behalf let me congratulate the German scientific and research community on its memorable jubilee, the 100th anniversary of its foundation. Over these years DFG has established itself as the leading institution supporting fundamental and applied research and has significantly contributed to the strengthening of academic cooperation between Russia and Germany.

Germany is one of the key partners for NUST MISIS. At the present moment 15 agreements with the leading universities in this country are in place including those with Freiberg Mining Academy, Technical High School Georg Agricola in Bohum, Dresden Technical University, Claustal Technological University, Reutlingen University, Rein-Westfahl Technical High School Aahen and many others.

There are no frontiers to scientific knowledge and the scientific research never ends. Even during this complicated for the global science year our researchers together with their colleagues from Helmholz Center Dresden-Rossendorf researched into the perspectives of replacing lithium with sodium in accumulators without interruption for the quarantine period. Together with Dortmund Technical University we conducted a research to accelerate the bone implant survival, and NUST MISIS together with University of Duisburg-Essen are developing nanoparticles for cancer diagnostics and therapy.

That is why we are confident that the centuries-old history of academic collaboration between our countries will soon manifest new and significant developments!

Sergey Salikhov
First Vice-Rector, NUST MISIS

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