Together #fortheKnowledge

What does the campaign “DFG2020 – Because Research matters” want to achieve? What is it about and how can I participate? Here you will find explanations and examples.

With the campaign “DFG2020 – fortheKnowledge” the German Research Foundation wants to convey its conviction for free and knowledge-based research to society. Because we can manage global challenges such as climate change, digitalization or demographic developments only by deciding all together for the knowledge, for research and science. Like the DFG as a self-governing organization of German science, the campaign can only be effective with the commitment of its members and many individuals. That’s why we need you!

Be part of “Because Reseach matters!”

The online campaign gives everyone a stage for text, image and video statements. Everyone should feel encouraged to name reasons #fortheKnowledge that can be as diverse as people theirselves. Tell us your reason why you chosed the knowledge. Send us a statement, take a photo or a short video. Whatever you want to publish spontaneously by using the hashtags #becauseResearchmatters or #fortheKnowledge: Please send an email

Get inspiration by looking for #fürdasWissen on Twitter or Instagram. Tip: To make #fortheKnowledge visible in photos and videos, we offer various graphic elements in the “Campaign Kit” – just print them out and use them!

»In our post-factual world it is becoming more and more important to stand up #fortheKnowledge. Science wants to find …«

Dr. Melanie Haffner-Luntzer
@MelanieH_L via Twitter, University Ulm

»The ‘Fridays for Future’ generation decided #researchmatters – for the benefit of our planet. As a biodiversity researcher …«

Foto: Robert Lohse

»#researchmatters means to me: to advance the solution of the global problems of mankind and to do research on the cutting …«

Director of the TU Dresden and CEO of “DRESDEN-concept”

»With our campaign we want to show how important knowledge and science are and why it is necessary to choose them again …«

Prof. Dr. Katja Becker
President of the DFG

»Why we do what we do as infection biologists? Because we are curious & want to understand the underlying mechanisms …«

Dr. Gisa Gerold
@GeroldLab via Twitter

»For a clear conscience with knowledge!«

Prof. Dr. Michael Farle
Co-Speaker of the Transregio 270: Hysteresis design of magnetic materials for efficient energy conversion, Uni Duisburg/Essen

»I choose #fortheKnowledge because there is too much ignorance anyway!«

Marco Finetti
Spokesman for the DFG

»I work #fortheknowledge because society is blind – on at least one eye – without scientific curiosity!«

Cornelia Lossau
Director Internet and Social Media, Press- and Public Relations, DFG

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